Rachel’s nonfiction books include collections of devotional essays and reflections on Scripture, plus a romping memoir of homeschooling and a family history of Mennonite immigration from Russia in the 1920s (written by her grandmother but edited and published by Rachel).

Genre: Nonfiction
Blue Violet on the Meadow Slowly Took to Wandering
Fifty Shades of Loved
Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord’s Prayer
Letters to a Samuel Generation
Mind Soul Ink Paper (And Other Essays on Faith, Reading, and Writing)
Now for the Not-Yet: And Other Essays on Everyday Discipleship
Still Praying in the Wilderness and Other Essays for the Spiritually Thirsty
Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled
Undivided Devotion
5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing