Unveiling the Gospel of Matthew Series: Index of Posts

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When I began to write this series, I knew it would probably take a while. I didn’t think I would be at forty posts and counting and still in the first half of Matthew 5. Below is an index of posts and Scriptures so far. Thanks for reading!

Part 1: Anointed One (Matthew 1:1)

Part 2: I Am (Matthew 1:1)

Part 3: Son of Blessing, Son of Kings (Matthew 1)

Part 4: The Kingdom at Hand (Matthew 1)

Part 5: Name Him Jesus; Call Him Immanuel (Matthew 1:18-23)

Part 6: Magi (Matthew 2:1-12)

Part 7: Out of Egypt (Matthew 2:13-18)

Part 8: Separated – He Shall be Called a Nazarene (Matthew 2:19-23)

Part 9: Repent! (Matthew 3:1-2)

Part 10: Make His Paths Straight (Matthew 3:3)

Part 11: Preparing the Way (Matthew 3:3)

Part 12: Getting Real (Matthew 3:7-10)

Part 13: Out of the Water (Matthew 3:14-17)

Part 14: “If You Are”: What the Temptation of Jesus Reveals About Our Deadliest Trap (Matthew 4:1-11)

Part 15: What Faith Really Means (AKA Ordinary Trust and That Time Jesus Moved Away from Home) (Matthew 4:15-16)

Part 16: Heaven Is Here: How the Kingdom of God Changes Our Questions & Our Lives (Matthew 4:17)

Part 17: Purpose, Identity, and Why We Don’t Start with the Great Commission (Matthew 4:18-22)

Part 18: The Day When Jesus Heals Everyone (Matthew 4:23-24)

Part 19: Jesus Is Not “Just a Teacher.” But We Should Listen to Him. (Matthew 4:23-24)

Part 20: The Shadow Life of Moses and How We Know We Can Trust the Storyteller (Matthew 5)


Part 21: Beatitudes: Blessing and Resurrection and Why Jesus Is Better Than the Law (Matthew 5:1-12)

Part 22: Blessed Are the Spiritually Impoverished, for the Kingdom of Heaven Is Theirs (Matthew 5:3)

Part 23: Happy Are the Wrecked, for God Will Draw Near to Them (Matthew 5:4)

Part 24: Blessed Are the Afflicted, for They Will Inherit the Earth (Matthew 5:5)

Part 25: Blessed Are the Starving for Things to Be Made Right (Matthew 5:6)

Part 26: The Hidden Gospel in the Heart of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5)

Part 27: Blessed Are the Merciful, for They Will Obtain Mercy (Matthew 5:7)

Part 28: Blessed Are the Pure in Heart (Matthew 5:8)

Part 29: Blessed Are the Makers of Reconciliation: Peacemaking and the Heart of God (Matthew 5:9)

Part 30: Blessed Are the Persecuted Prophets, Part 1: This Means You (Matthew 5:10-11)

Part 31: Blessed Are the Persecuted Prophets, Part 2: The God Who Respects Our No (Matthew 5:10-11)

Part 32: The Gospel According to Jesus (Matthew 5:3-12)


Part 33: Christians, Our Culture Needs You (And It’s Not for the Reason You Think) (Matthew 5:13)

Part 34: Christians, You Weren’t Saved Just for Your Own Sake (Matthew 5:14-16)


Part 35: Not to Destroy But to Fulfill: How Jesus Gets the Job Done (Matthew 5:17)

Part 36: God Is Not a Legalist (And Righteousness Isn’t What You Thought It Was) – Part 1 (Matthew 5:19-20)

Part 37: God Is Not a Legalist (And Righteousness Isn’t What You Thought It Was) – Part 2 (Matthew 5:19-20)

Part 38: The Law of the Spirit and How You Can Learn to Live Like God (Matthew 5:19-20)

Part 39: Good-bye, Frustration: How the Spirit Sets Us Free (Matthew 5:19-20)

Part 40: Higher Vision: Why Jesus’s Morality Is Better Than Ours (Matthew 5:19-20)

Part 41: What’s So Bad About Anger and How Jesus Calls Us to Freedom (Matthew 5:21-22)

Part 42: Why Sin is Serious (Matthew 5:21-22)

Part 43: Raca, Respect, and the Agape Love of God – Part 1 (Matthew 5:21-22)

Part 44: Raca, Respect, and the Agape Love of God – Part 2 (Matthew 5:21-22)

Part 45: Raca, Respect, and the Agape Love of God – Part 3 (Matthew 5:21-22)

Part 46: The Way of Reconciliation: How Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment (Matthew 5:23-26)

Part 47: Talking Slant: Jesus on Lust, Love, and Fidelity (Matthew 5:27-32)

Part 48: Recalibrating Our Religion: Jesus on Divorce (Matthew 5:31-32)

Part 49: Everything Sacred: Jesus on Telling the Truth (Matthew 5:33-37)

Part 50: Righteousness Redux: What Is the Point? (Matthew 5)

Part 51: Justice According to Jesus, Part 1 (Matthew 5:38-42)

Part 52: Justice According to Jesus, Part 2 (Matthew 5:38-42)

Part 53: How to Be Perfect: Loving Our Enemies and Becoming Like God (Matthew 5:43-48)

Spiritual Disciplines

Part 54: Keeping Secrets and Finding Right Rewards: Jesus on Spiritual Disciplines (Matthew 6:1)

Part 55: The Spiritual Discipline of Giving to the Poor (Matthew 6:2-3)

Part 56: Religion and Relationship: The Call of Jesus to Authentic Faith (Matthew 6:2, 5, 16)

Part 57: “Your Father Knows”: Why It Matters Who You Pray To (Matthew 6:7-8)

The Lord’s Prayer

Part 58: “Pray Like This”: How to Pray the Pattern in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9)

Part 59: How to Find Yourself in the Words “Our Father” (Matthew 6:9a)

Part 60: Honoring the Other: What Holiness Means (Matthew 6:9b)

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