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Hey, thanks for visiting my Editing Services page! Unfortunately, I am not able to take on new clients at this time. I will post here when I am open for new work again. All the best to you in your writing journey! — Rachel

Making Your Voice Clear

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Welcome, Writer

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve got something to say. You’ve taken the steps necessary to translate your ideas into words: you’ve written a book, created a Web site, crafted an article, penned a story. As a freelance editor, I can help your writing reach its full potential. My heart is to make your voice clear — to help you tell your story or share your work in the most effective way possible.

As a first-time author, I knew little of what to expect when I began to work with Rachel on the editing process of my book. I was hoping to work with an editor who would be willing to provide honest feedback and insights on how to refine my book beyond just grammatical corrections. Working with Rachel exceeded my expectations. It was clear that she had gone beyond the word-smithing of my story and could see and feel the bigger picture of what I was trying to convey. I felt like Rachel was invested in helping make my story a success and an end result that I could be proud of. – Kristen Richburg, Author of Disrupting Grace

Who Needs an Editor?

Everyone. If you plan to publish your work traditionally, your manuscript may benefit from a critique or substantive edit to help you polish it before submitting. If you are one of a growing number of self-publishers, a freelance editor can act as your private in-house editor, raising your book above the myriad of unedited work that is released every year.

I offer a variety of services, from coaching to proofreading, with competitive rates and fast turnaround times. I handle all types of writing, including nonfiction (specializing in biblical topics) and fiction (specializing in fantasy, sci-fi, and historical).

My clients are passionate people with the courage to tell their stories. Should you decide to use my services, I look forward to helping you tell yours.

What did I get in the critique of my first novel from Rachel Starr Thomson? A thoughtful, nine-page analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of plot, structure, style, and mechanics with recommendations and examples for improvement.  Rachel commented on each chapter, giving weight to her overall suggestions.  Her insight was invaluable to me as I rewrote the novel, making it a 100% better read.  I recommend Rachel – 100%. – Bob Menees, author of Wings Away

My Services

Proofreading. Is your work almost ready for submission or publication? As a proofreader, I will carefully check your work for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and consistency.

Copyediting. Looking for a line-by-line edit that not only corrects errors but also improves your style? A copyedit gives your manuscript a thorough polish, from word choices to style suggestions.

Substantive Editing. My specialty, substantive editing is more than a copyedit. When I perform a substantive edit on your manuscript, I will work with structure, clarity, flow, and style. For fiction, a substantive edit will give you feedback on plot, character development, tension, and more.

Manuscript Critique. When you hire me to critique your manuscript, I will read through the work and give you an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing areas that could use improvement.

Want to see for yourself what a professional editor can do for you? E-mail me at thomson.rachel@gmail.com.

One of the things I really appreciated was that Rachel read the book deeply – perhaps more deeply than anyone else  – and knowing that there was still time to make it better, she did that. What remains from this process that we started together in early December is a much stronger, more readable and more enjoyable adventure story with a richer plot, characters with texture, and scenes that are more vivid … I think she has a magic touch because she isn’t just an editor, she’s a writer herself.  Rachel made this process easy and even fun. – Sam Batterman, author of Wayback and Maximal Reserve, www.sambatterman.com

Why Hire an Editor?

Once the hurdle of finishing a first draft has been cleared, it’s tempting just to let your work stand. You did a good job — and editing is a painful process. Why bother?

Because mistakes hurt your credibility. People will spot the spelling and grammar errors that you miss, and each one takes away from your credibility. You want people to listen to what you are saying. Don’t derail them by allowing technical problems to get in their way.

Because an edited manuscript is a powerful manuscript. Verbosity bogs a manuscript down. On the other hand, overly sparse writing leaves readers with too many holes to fill in. An editor can help you streamline your manuscript for optimum impact.

Because nobody’s perfect. You may be an English teacher, or you may still spend hours puzzling out the difference between its and it’s. Whatever your struggles or strengths, an editor can help you spot what you have missed.

An unedited manuscript may stumble over spelling errors, poor planning, or unfortunate punctuation. An editor can help your work cast off its crutches and dance.

I am sincerely grateful to Rachel Starr Thomson for her gentle way of ushering me along the narrow and focused path of pulling this story together in a finished product. In addition to her talent in editing and polishing my story, gently guiding me along and showing me where to focus, Rachel was proficient in smoothing out the rough edges of my first draft, finding that one perfect word or phrase needed to tighten the writing and pull it together in a finished product.  Lauri Khodabandehloo, author of Lonely Girl, Gracious God: A Mother’s Story of Autism’s Devastation and God’s Promise of Enduring Love, www.lonelygirlgraciousgod.com

Contact Me: For a free sample edit and project estimate, e-mail me at thomson.rachel@gmail.com.

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