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Ogres Is

Sagrat, an enormous ugly ogre, shares his cave with a hag he hates and keeps himself happy munching deer and occasionally women.

Memory is a princess at the center of a vast and tangled conspiracy, and when Sagrat steals her, he is both saving her life and planning to eat her.

When Sagrat’s plan clashes with the hag’s and the conspirators show up to reclaim their kidnapped princess, Memory is the only one who can see an outcome for herself other than dying a pawn’s terrible death. Because Memory is the only one who has not discounted the power of love to change everything.

Ogres Is is a short story and the latest publication of Little Dozen Press. You can pick it up at Smashwords, Kobo, Kindle, and Ebookmall!

Whoosh! – June Newsletter


That is the sound my life has been making lately–on runways as the plane takes off, in the car as we barrel up the highway, on a bike peddling around Mackinac Island. Oh, and deadlines–deadlines have definitely been whooshing by, as Douglas Adams famously said; some (my clients’) met on time and others (my own) mostly, um, adjusted. Since late April I’ve been in Connecticut, across Ontario, in the Philippines, in Japan, along the shores of Lakes Huron and Michigan in the US, and now I am finally home. For a couple of weeks, anyway.

The hardest thing about my life right now, in the midst of all the whooshing and the wonderfulness, is finding the patience to keep doing the mundane, work-related things that pay bills and keep wheels turning. In particular, I find myself wishing I had all the time in the world to write, and finding I have tremendously little of it.

But writing is happening. And so are new books and stories. This newsletter features a couple of them, including Lady Moon, a humorous fantasy an early review has compared to Patricia C. Wrede’s Dealing with Dragons–which happens to be one of the books that lit a fire under me, long ago, to write.

The fire’s still burning. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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April Newsletter

A tardy hello to everyone! The lateness of this newsletter is entirely my fault, and not my assistant’s … she puts together much of what you see here and waits on me to write these little news blurbs. I’ve been keeping her waiting for a week on this one!

This writer’s life has been punctuated by a couple of events. My poetic short story Magdalene was released just in time for the end of Lent and the beginning of Easter, which is appropriate considering it’s told from the perspective of Mary Magdalene, who was once possessed by seven demons and later was the first person to see the resurrected Christ. And I’ve hired a new cover designer for Little Dozen Press: my friend Mercy Hope, whose talents you can see at work on the covers of Magdalene and the redesigned cover of Taerith.

Several new books and lots more shorts should be coming out over the summer, so look for those! If you’re a blogger or reviewer and would like to be put on a list to review the forthcoming novels Lady Moon and Angel in the Woods, just shoot me an e-mail.

Finally, an unexpected thing has happened: since putting much of my work on Kindle, someone is buying my paperback books in record numbers. If that’s you (or if you’ve bought one of my digital books–I’m not a print snob), THANK YOU. You’re making this writer’s dream come true.



What else is in the newsletter?

Magdalene links to Kindle and Smashwords, new cover for Taerith, and a free article.

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Meanwhile, New Stuff

I have new stuff!

A new cover designer: my dear friend Mercy Hope.

A new cover for Taerith:

A new post at Speculative Faith, who were kind enough to ask me to guest blog even though I’m not a regular there anymore:

A new short story published on Smashwords and (as of tomorrowish) Kindle:

The link:

The description:

She is named for Miriam, the sister of Moses—a prophetess and one of the greatest women in Jewish history. She lives in a time when her people are all but slaves, and she dreams of doing as Miriam did: of dancing deliverance and ushering in freedom. Of mattering.

But the dream is bitter, for she is more enslaved than any other she knows: she is Miriam of Magdala, possessed of seven devils.

This short story is a powerful, poetic interpretation of the life of Mary Magdalene and the Messiah she longs for.

Rachel Starr Thomson is also the author of Taerith, the Seventh World Trilogy (Worlds Unseen, Burning Light, and Coming Day), and other novels and short stories.

Happy February!

From the February 2012 Newsletter…

Happy February, everybody!

I wrapped up January in New York City, attending the Writer’s Digest
Conference and hanging out with my sister, who came with me. Besides some
great sessions on the craft of fiction and interesting discussions on the
future of publishing, the highlights of the trip were going to see The Lion
   King on Broadway and eating Sichuan food at a tiny Chinese restaurant …
somewhere. I found myself wishing (not for the first time) that there was a
way to incorporate great music into writing. I’ll keep working on that!

In the meantime, I am starting a new novel this month and pressing forward
in the adventures of indie publishing. Thanks for being on this journey with



Also in the newsletter…

Book Sale: Pieces of Grace

On the road again with Ode to the Broken

And a featured article: “The Face of Love.”

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