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there’s a new series underway …

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because creators can’t be bothered with the details, until the details come back and bother them.

So, full disclosure: the above is an ad, and Grammarly paid me something to post it. That said, I think the program looks really cool. (And yes, I am using it to grammar check this post.) Google the service and read a few reviews to see how to get the most out of it.

Really, I have to thank the good folks at Grammarly for the kick in the pants needed to get me back to blogging. I have been saying “I need to blog” for several months now (good gracious, was the last time really in JANUARY? and it is really AUGUST? my word). I’ve also been saying “I need to update and redesign my website,” and my internal vagueness on how exactly to do that, plus being busy with way too much else, has led to wholesale procrastination of doing anything at all around here.

Last time I was posting regularly, it was to announce that Little Dozen Press had a new lease on life, and we were releasing older work of mine like gangbusters. In the last few months we’ve transitioned into releasing new work, which is even more exciting for me–I have not been writing like this in years, and I can see the light of a full-time writing career at the end of the tunnel. I’m even working on ways to shorten the tunnel.

The new work mostly consists of a new paranormal series called The Oneness Cycle. The first three books, Exile, Hive, and Attack, are out for Kindle. (They’re in my store if you want to check them out.) The next two, Renegade and Rise, should be released in the next few months. No promises if the series will continue beyond that.

Cover art, as usual, by Mercy Hope: