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It’s Finished!

FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED is out in its brand-new, updated paperback glory. We’ve tweaked the cover, added endorsements, and fixed a few typos. The new coloration on the paperback looks GREAT and I’m really happy about it :). Listings at Amazon and other retailers should be updating soon!

FIFTY SHADES is almost here …

The updated paperback version of FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED is almost here! The finished files went to the printer yesterday, so once the proof is approved, the book will be ready to order.

I thought you might like a peek at the new cover (as you can see, it’s almost the old e-book one–just a little tweaked for a cleaner print look), and of course it’s a wraparound:

Fifty Shades of Loved Print Cover_2

I’m really excited about the endorsements we were able to get:

How we women all long to be loved! Our longing may be motivated by different factors, yet we all have it, and we all are driven to find love. The unique stories and voices in Fifty Shades of Loved lead us to understand what it means to be loved by the One who will never let us down, never let us go. Read this book slowly, meditatively . . . and let its healing truth sink deeply into your heart.

Nancie Carmichael, author of Selah, publisher at Deep River Books

In a world ripping us off with cheap imitations of love, this timely book points us to the deepest, most fulfilling Love we could ever know:  true Love that will never fail, never give up, and never disappoint.

Michelle Nagle Arthur, former Executive Director, Women Alive

With the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie coming out soon, I’m all the more passionate about getting this message out to more women.

Finding Love and Fighting Back

Our culture is so full of confused and harmful ideas about love that a lot of women and girls are looking for love in the wrong places. But there is a RIGHT place–a starting place for all real, authentic, life-changing love.

That’s what the book I put together two years ago, with contributions from multiple writers and poets, is all about. It’s called FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED, and it’s about finding true love (and rejecting its false counterpart) in a world of heartache.

Fifty Shades of LovedIn 2012 the hottest book of the year (in more ways than one) was an erotic novel called Fifty Shades of Grey.

This book is not about that one.

It is about many things Fifty Shades of Grey has women and girls thinking about. The essays, quotes, and poetry in this little book were written by women who share a central vision of who we are, of what it means to be female and what it means to be loved, that is rooted in faith in God.

FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED is coming to its final paperback form in the next two weeks. We’re just putting final touches on the cover (which will look almost like this one, but more suited for print), getting endorsements, and tweaking the interior.

At the same time, my good friend Josh Gilman has launched a Canadian initiative called Strength to Fight, with the goal of combating pornography in our homes, schools, and culture.

Strength to Fight is currently raising funds that will enable them to launch. They need to raise $20,000 by the end of this month. They’re more than a quarter of the way there–but there’s still a ways to go.

Because I believe so strongly in what they’re doing–and because I believe that you, my readers, are interested both in finding love and in fighting back–I want to use the FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED launch to raise money for Strength to Fight.

The proceeds of all paperback copies of FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED ordered HERE ONLY in the next week–January 7 through January 14–will be donated entirely to Strength to Fight.

Keep in mind that FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED is a great gift, so I’d encourage you to pick up more than one copy.


Of course, you can also donate to Strength to Fight directly:

If you’re looking for more information, here’s Josh on why they’re doing what they’re doing: