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The Dragon Has Launched … Thank You!

I just wanted to say thanks for all your support during my release of COMES THE DRAGON.  I put a little more effort into launching this one than I usually do, and it was  a lot of fun to have the support and anticipation of others accompanying its first flight into the world.

THANK YOU to all those who have bought the book!

Thank you as well to those who are reviewing it. I appreciate that too–a LOT. Few things are more gratifying after sitting for months behind a laptop dreaming up a story than hearing that that story has touched someone else.

Reviews help with sales as well, since they let people know “Yes, this book is worth reading.” So thank you!

If you missed any of the posts during the launch, you can still read the story behind the story, get to know the characters (the prophets and the women of The Prophet Trilogy), and yes, read the first chapter as a free PDF.

I am already working on Book 3, BELOVED, and look forward to introducing it to you this summer.

And if you haven’t picked it up yet, you can get a copy of COMES THE DRAGON from your favorite retailer here.

Character Spotlight: Flora and Rechab

A few days ago I posted an intro to two of the series’ major characters: the prophets, Kol Abaddon and Alack. But for a lot of readers, it’s the women who are the stars of the series.

Faithful reader and Amazon reviewer describes Flora Laurentii Infortunatia (aka “Flora the Unlucky”):

Flora, a wealthy woman who befriends Rechab, is my favorite. She is introduced as a powerful, smart, savvy woman, but her vulnerability unfurls with the story. She is a seeker, a lover of God who fears she cannot be fully accepted by Him because she is not of The People. She’s a flawed character with great strengths and a beautiful heart.

Flora, a foreigner who lives in the Sacred Land, is patterned after biblical characters like Ruth and Rahab–women from pagan nations who sought after God. In the fantasy setting of The Prophet Trilogy, she descends from nations patterned after Rome and the biblical nation of Moab. Twice widowed, Flora has inherited vast wealth which she now manages as a capable businesswoman–but only with half a heart, as she seeks God as a pilgrim in an ascetic community where her wealth and beauty are viewed with suspicion.

Photo by TLV and more
Photo by TLV and more

In ABADDON’S EVE, Flora crosses paths with the young woman Rechab, whose father has sold her into a marriage with a pagan priest. Flora’s rescue of Rechab brings both of them into conflict with the terrifying priests of the Hill People and sends their lives spinning in directions neither expected.

While Flora struggles with issues of identity and acceptance, Rechab must find a way to overcome her fears–and the responsibility of the power and wealth bestowed on her by Flora. Her newfound devotion to the Great God, she determines, will be the key to rising above the challenges of her new life.

But for both women, the conflict of COMES THE DRAGON will ask more of them than they dreamed.

Character Spotlight: Kol Abaddon and Alack

What would it have been like to be an Old Testament prophet–someone who shares both God’s heart for his people and a terrible message of coming judgment?

That question helped kick off The Prophet Trilogy, and it also inspired the character of Kol Abaddon.

sunrise israel desert photo
Photo by TLV and more

His real name has been forgotten. He goes only by Kol Abaddon–the Voice of Destruction. He lives in the desert wilderness of the Sacred Land, where he sees visions, reads stars, and cries out at night.

Kol Abaddon both terrifies and inspires the villagers of the Sacred Land–including Alack, a young shepherd boy who is beginning to have visions of his own.

When he sees a terrible army marching on his homeland, Alack decides to venture out and follow Kol Abaddon, becoming an apprentice prophet in the hope that he can turn judgment around.

Both characters continue to develop in COMES THE DRAGON, where the mysterious layers of Kol Abaddon’s past–and his nighttime torments–begin to be revealed.

Comes the Dragon ecoverKol Abaddon has been a fascinating character to write. In many ways he is the voice of God–and yet he is far from perfect, and as Alack begins to discover in COMES THE DRAGON. In fact, his own bitterness over past tragedy may be preventing him from delivering the message of God in its fullness–

A message that is both one of warning and one of hope.

Alack, by contrast, is a young man with a tender heart. He loves his people, he loves his homeland, he loves Rechab–whom he must leave behind in order to follow the prophet–and he is beginning to love his God. COMES THE DRAGON will bring Alack face-to-face with evil, with good, and with a destiny he does not want and could not have imagined.

COMES THE DRAGON releases April 14 at all major online retailers. Read Chapter 1 now as a free sneak preview PDF.