Meanwhile, New Stuff

I have new stuff!

A new cover designer: my dear friend Mercy Hope.

A new cover for Taerith:

A new post at Speculative Faith, who were kind enough to ask me to guest blog even though I’m not a regular there anymore:

A new short story published on Smashwords and (as of tomorrowish) Kindle:

The link:

The description:

She is named for Miriam, the sister of Moses—a prophetess and one of the greatest women in Jewish history. She lives in a time when her people are all but slaves, and she dreams of doing as Miriam did: of dancing deliverance and ushering in freedom. Of mattering.

But the dream is bitter, for she is more enslaved than any other she knows: she is Miriam of Magdala, possessed of seven devils.

This short story is a powerful, poetic interpretation of the life of Mary Magdalene and the Messiah she longs for.

Rachel Starr Thomson is also the author of Taerith, the Seventh World Trilogy (Worlds Unseen, Burning Light, and Coming Day), and other novels and short stories.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, New Stuff

  1. Those are both sooo gorgeous! And the second sounds really, really good… I am going to have to get it soon. :)

    Is your friend going to do cover designing as a business? I’ve been looking at different designers lately…

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