No Matthew post this week because …

Rachel in Hospital

… I unexpectedly spent the weekend in the hospital, and my assistant (who is also my cousin/best friend/house mate), who usually puts the posts up for me, pretty much spent every minute of the weekend there with me. She took that picture ^^. And also braided my hair so it wouldn’t get in my face and annoy me all weekend. Above and beyond, eh?

So between us we forgot to post it.

My series on the gospel of Matthew will recommence next week.

And if you’re wondering, I am fine. I have a fascinating medical history … I am basically healthy as a horse, but two years ago I suffered “sudden cardiac death” (that’s a real term) in a parking lot. Cause unknown. God provided a cardiac nurse in the parking lot at that very moment to start CPR, so thanks to her and my sister, who was with me and called 911, I am still here.

I’m also now the bionic woman, because I have an implanted defibrillator that is supposed to go off if my heart stops again.

It went off Friday morning, hence the hospital stay …

But doctors have determined it was what they call an “inappropriate shock,” given when the device got confused about my heart rate while I was jogging. They say my heart is fine and it actually doesn’t even qualify as a medical event really.

So now I’m out of the hospital, and very happy about it :).

I think a lot of things while I’m in the hospital. Two of the main things I think are: (1) We can make plans, but we can never actually control anything, and (2) There is so much to be grateful for in all the ordinary goodnesses of life.

Today I’m enjoying a lot of ordinary goodness. I pray the same is true for you.